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 my journey

"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." - Pablo Picasso

Isn't it interesting where life will take you when you are opening to receiving what it throws your way.


As a 6 year old child growing up in New Jersey, my favorite past times included ballet class, sketching shoe designs, and watching Martha Stewart every morning until I had to leave for school. I knew my mother was ahead of her time when she sent me to school with carrots and sprouted wheat sandwiches that the other kids scoffed at. I was taught good habits and my passions were always encouraged. I intended to live a life of meaning from that very young age.

When the time came, I paved a career for myself in fashion marketing. I dreamt of the creativity it would allow me to express. This path led me to bustling cities at large corporations- New York, Philadelphia, Montreal. I loved immersing myself in photography, blogging, social media, and graphic design. However I wasn't quite sure how my perspective really fit into the whole mix?

So I dug deeper. In 2017 I took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. I began pouring my heart into a family owned farm-to-table café that simply felt like the right move. I worked diligently to design a brand that people in my hometown community could feel connected to. Having no professional culinary experience or qualifications I learned everything there was to know about running a restaurant through trial and error. 

 Properly Fueled allowed me to create an experience for people that gave me an immense sense of purpose in return. I was baking pies as beautiful as Martha's and taking weekly trips to the organic farm, all while feeling like I had found a new piece of myself. 

After three years of serious hard work, life pulled me in another direction. I suddenly realized that a piece of my heart was in Arizona. I knew I had to step away from my management role and let Properly Fueled flourish without me. The westward move was an easy decision because it was for love. Establishing my home in Phoenix now, I hope to continue to work on projects that blend flavors and visuals. Something that ignites that same feeling of finding yet another piece of myself. My journey is really just getting started. 

my core values

when you really dig down to the heart of it all its not what you do, but why you do it


It starts with food. Food is essential for life.  Because no two people are identical, the journey to discovering what actually fuels your body for vitality isn't always an easy one. If we want to live a life full of happiness and health, we must first start at the roots. 



Living a life full of creativity takes great courage. It asks you to disregard fear, to tap in, and to follow your heart. Acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “Anyhow, what else are you going to do with your time here on earth—not make things? Not do interesting stuff? Not follow your love and your curiosity?”

Our decisions today affect our future generations tomorrow. I've began to educate myself how small changes in everyday life can preserve our precious planet earth. Through sustainable agriculture, land preservation, and waste management we can prevent some of this environmental destruction.