Brown Geometric Shapes
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Swiss Chard
Vintage Cookbook
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hey there,

I'm Aubrie, a chef, photographer, and all around creative who believes in cultivating lifestyles centered around well being. My passions vary because inspiration finds me in so many places. Some days you can find me in the kitchen adorning a scratch-made cake with fresh eucalyptus. Other days I'm on a summit with my nose pressed against my camera as the sun sets and illuminates a golden hue.  Through my work I aim to help others lead with their senses, savoring and glimpsing all the beauty the world has to offer. 


Crafting Flavor

My goal is to inspire others through creative flavor pairings using ingredients that are sourced with purpose and intention.  Balance is key and while I believe nutrition is key, I also believe we all deserve some cake once in awhile



Exploring Aesthetics

I constantly find myself studying natural light and chasing it from every angle in my travels. Branding 

concepts are carefully crafted alongside photography to develop a unique story.



Trusting Intuition

I create while allowing my intuition to guide me. Cooking, photographing, and designing all rely on instinctive feelings related to the senses. I explore the sacred connection between these mediums. 

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